Reseller Hosting

Become your own Web hosting company and resell space to your clients!

How does it work??

Start by signing up for one of our reseller hosting plans. You will receive limited access to WHM (Web Host Manager) on the server in which your reseller hosting account resides on. This gives you the ability to set up and resell accounts and access to other dedicated reseller tools, such as branding options. You can create an unlimited number of hosting accounts in your own space and bandwidth limitations. The accounts you create share your resources. There are no long-term contracts, no obligations and no hidden fees. The number of hosting accounts you sell is completely up to you, you can set the pricing and strategy

What do I get with my Reseller account?

Included in our Reseller Packages:
– Cpanel /WHM access
– Unlimited emails, databases, forwarders add on domains for yourself as a reseller! and you can allocate whatever you want to your clients or charge them!
– Softaculous – Pre-installed scripts including CMS Systems, forums installed at a click for you and your clients!
– All reseller accounts come with 100 GIG Bandwidth per month
– Web host manager – portal where you can manage your accounts

How is this profitable?

How it works assuming a package of 10000 MB (Reseller 3 package) is purchased from us @ $30 per month, a typical pricing strategy you set could be 500 MB Space @ $10 per month Maximum you can host with this quota = 20 accounts – 20 X $10 per month = $200 Per Month income Profit of $170! or more! You can create your own packages and charge your customers whatever you choose! You set the pricing!

Who supports who?

You are responsible for providing support to your clients, if it is server related you can still contact us for additional help!

Sounds good what will it cost me?

We currently offering 3 types of reseller packages - see below. If you are looking for a more customised quote contact us! or if you wish to pay yearly contact us! We will give you good discount 🙂

reseller1 reseller2 reseller3