Mobile App Services

If you have an idea for an app! Talk to us!

We design and develop iPhone  & Android applications for you.Whether you wish to create an application for your website or any other application as a hobby or interest please contact us to discuss your requirements….

We like to add value – consider us as partners and get us involved early in the thinking and requirements

How much does it cost to build an app?

This is the first question we get asked.

Unfortunately without analysing your requirements it is difficult to give an estimate on the costs, however cost varies a great deal however the main factors we tend to consider are as follows:

- Platforms - Which platform do you need your app running on? (iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Android Tablets)

- Web Services Development - Does your app talk to the Internet or require network connection? Is your app static, if it requires network connection i.e pulling data from a database or web site then we would need to develop web services which interfaces between your app and your website.

- Features and functionalities of the app & Workflow - For example if i click this button what does it do or how is it suppose to work.

Once you tell us your ideas and thoughts we then talk to you and submit you a proposal with our ideas and suggestions along with a estimation of the costs and we take it from there. Once we and yourselves are happy with the proposal we then start developing the app. You will have a dedicated project manager  with access to project management tools we use to keep track of progress throughout the project.

We will also then submit the app on your behalf to iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

We treat your app as our app! You can view our Portfolio to see the app we have done