Shoutcast Internet Radio Streaming

Want to stream audio online or start your own radio station?

Thinking of starting your own radio station or if you wish to stream live events or conferences or if you just want to connect your masjid transmitter to stream across the internet then our media streaming package is ideal for you. We use shoutcast technology for our streaming and you can listen online through any computer or mobile device!

What is Shoutcast?

Shoutcast is a Streaming solution which allows broadcasting audio over the internet like television and radio broadcasts. Listeners can tune in through any media player. Your listeners can play any Shoutcast live audio stream through mobile devices just using their mobile phones own media player, no external application is required to be installed nor is any software required. Anyone can listen in high-quality stereo on almost any phone with an internet connection (WIFI and GPRS)!

What can I use Media Streaming for?

You can use it to set up your own online Radio Station, or stream any audio from Live Events such as Masjids, Lectures, Events, Classes or just about anything! Can I use your streaming service to transmit from my Masjid Transmitter? Yes you can, infact a lot of our clients use our streaming service to transmit live feed from their Masjid such as 5 Daily prayers, Adhan, talks and lectures! As long as you have a PC with Internet located at the Masjid or any other location you can transmit your feed to the internet and anyone around the world can listen to!

Can I listen through my mobile?

Yes you can, been tested with iPhone, Android and many other mobile phones as long as you have Internet Access either via WIFI or GPRS! You can even listen to it in the car through your mobile!

Can you make a radio app for me?

Yes we can! Contact us for Pricing!

Can you provide me with Code to place on my website?

Yes we can, once you have signed up with us contact us and we can sort this out for you

Could I listen to it on a normal radio?

Yes as long as you have a radio that is capable of receiving internet it will work well

How can i start my own radio station?

You can do this too, as long as you have a PC with Internet, load up the Winamp Software and DSP Plugin, create your playlist enter the details we give you to setup and start streaming straight away.

What Software do I need?

Winamp Software and the DSP Plugin – full information on how to setup is here

Have you got any examples?

Yes is an online radio station which we stream and also check out

Do you have Auto DJ Facilities?

Yes we do, you can leave your radio station streaming 24/7 from a playlist where you can control using a control panel. Upload material and set the playlist from the control panel and you can have a 24/7 running radio station

Can I see how many people are listening in?

Yes you can and also see where your listeners are connected from

 How Much does it cost?

We currently offer 2 packages Stream 1 - Stream Only with 250 listeners, if you want to stream 24/7 then you need to leave your streaming PC on all day Stream 2 - Stream + AutoDj, this allows you to keep your station running without your PC being switched on and you can upload and create your own playlists.


For a custom quote please contact us

What can i upload in the storage space?

mP3 or .Wav file however they need to be same sample rate as your are broadcasting on, you cannot upload any copyright mp3 or lectures or music.

What Stream can i broadcast on?

You can broadcast upto 80kbps however we recommend you go for either 24 / 32kps as we have found that people especially using GPRS to access the stream can experience issues, the lower the better, but if its a few people you can go higher for better quality

Could I trial it?

Yes you can contact us we can give you a 7 Day free trial to try before you buy

Can you pop down our venue and set it up for us?

Yes we can do that if need be (UK Only) but with additional cost or we normally remote on to your PC and configure and set it up all for you, but it is very straight forward and easy! We will help you set everything up and make sure you are all up and running