Below you will find some frequently asked questions


Is your hosting for Muslims only?
No it isn’t anyone can host their site with us as long as it legal and does not violate any of our Terms of Service

I have found a host that offers unlimited hosting can you beat this?
In reality there is no such concept as "Unlimited" you cannot have an unlimited disk drive, Hosts that advertise unlimited disk space tend to go on the basis that you will not use alot of space. Plus unlimited hosts also tends to restrict you on certain things like not backing up your data if it exceeds a certain size or limiting your CPU usage, we don’t do any of this! So unfortunately we cannot offer unlimited packages.

What are your opening times.
We operate on a 24/7 basis including all public holidays, Ramadhan, Eid. We rarely sleep :). However sales are generally operational from 8am – 23:00am daily. Orders made after this time are usually done the next day however we try to be pro-active as much as we can! Support is 24X7


How long are setup times?
we normally aim to get set everything up with 24-48 hours, but normally they are quicker!

Do you do custom quotes?
Our systems are designed to do custom quotes based on what you need only – however if there is something that you don’t see fit please contact us.

Support & Assistance

How can i contact you for support?
You can log a request on our helpdesk system, email us phone or text us. Details are given once you signed up

Can you remote desktop on my PC if i am having problems with my website?
Yes we can we normally use teamviewer or windows remote assistance

I need help setting up a blog can you help me?
Yes we can advice you on the best way to go forward contact us

Do you install scripts for us?
We don’t normally support third party applications but we will do the best we can, log a support ticket on our helpdesk we will take a look at it for you if we can fix it for you we will do so and install it if need be – if we can we normally refer you back to the company / site that developed the script

Can you design my website for me?
We can but we normally charge for web services such as web development please contact us for more information.

My Site is not working! Help?
If for whatever reason you find your website is not working we will email you instructions on what to do in this case and numbers to call. However generally we ask you to wait atleast 30 mins incase we are performing maintenance, or if its down for a reboot and you tried accessing it during this time, or network issues. If the site goes down we are notified immediately as we have 24hour monitoring on our servers and once we experience issues our technicians are notified and are probably working to resolve this – but generally would recommend giving it another 30mins to retry again, if not then please contact us through the email we would have sent you.

Domain Name

What is a domain name?
A Domain name is the name that you choose to name your website!

I ordered a domain name paid for it and later changed my mind can i choose another domain?
Unfortunately once you have registered a domain name you cannot change it – if the order has already been processed as domain names are registered for one year. Best thing would be to order a new domain name from us

Can i transfer my domain name over to you?
Yes you can when you order pleas ensure you choose Transfer domain name, Transfers can take anything upto 14 days and we can only transfer domain names if there are atleast 30 days remaining before the expiry date.

What Domain names do you provide?
.com / .net / .org / .ws / .info / co.uk / .org.uk


Can i use my reseller account to host a single website?
Yes you can

Can you support my clients?
It is the responsibility of yourself as a reseller to support your own clients. We can support you as a reseller however any of your clients will need to go direct to you. We can offer support to your clients for an additional charge and login using your support system to respond to your customer enquiries and make it transparent from us.

Can I charge my clients whatever i want?
Yes you can charge them whatever you want, you set your pricing as long as its within your allocated resources!

I am unable to resolve an issue my client is having could you help me?
Yes we can if its server related we can help – just log a ticket through our helpdesk system


What is Cpanel?
Cpanel is a control panel which you can access from the backend of your website which allows you to setup email accounts, view statistics, and much much more!

Can you transfer my website over from my old host?
Yes we can as long as the old host is running cpanel – we can transfer it easily. We can still transfer from non-cpanel hosts however it may take longer and is not always straight forward. Once you sign up contact us to see how we can proceed

Do you do backups?
Yes we do but it is the responsibility of clients to keep their own backups too

Can you restore my website?
Yes we can and we do not charge for restores, we can only restore the full website and not individual files, so if a file has been corrupted or overwritten we can only restore the entire website and not a single file.

How can i upload my website?
Uploading your site can be done in many ways, but the most popular is FTP.When your hosting account was created, you will be provided with an FTP account. software such as CuteFTP or WS_FTP, you can log into your website and upload files.

Can i access my email using outlook?
Yes you can for your incoming and outgoing server use mail.yourdomain.com

Can i access emails on my phone?
Yes you can do that too, tested on iPhone, Nokia,Android and Windows Phone

Can i use SSH?
Due to security reason we have disabled SSH on all accounts, unless you have a valid excuse we can enable it for you – however tasks performed on SSH can also be done through Cpanel

My website has been hacked can you help me?
The first thing we would do is disable your website and take it offline, we will then work with you to see the cause of this. 99% of the time is due to outdated scripts running on your website or Scripts that are up to date but plugins which are outdated or poorly written code, we strongly recommend that you keep on top of keeping your website upto date. We will work with you to restore your site back?

Can i track how many hits I get on my website?
Yes we through cpanel we have statistics software which can provide detailed reporting

What is softaculous?
Softaculous is an addon which contains over 200+ pre-installed scripts, so if you wanted to install any scripts such as forums, blogs or anything else included a few clicks and the script will install automatically for you – no need to create databases, upload files and wait ages – its all done within minutes!

How to i create emails and databases?
This can all be done through control panel!

What is Shoutcast?
Shoutcast is a Streaming solution which allows broadcasting audio over the internet like television and radio broadcasts. Listeners can tune in through any media player. Your listeners can play any Shoutcast live audio stream through mobile devices just using their mobile phones own media player, no external application is required to be installed nor is any software required. Anyone can listen in high-quality stereo on almost any phone with an internet connection (WIFI and GPRS)!

What can i use Media Streaming for?
You can use it to set up your own online Radio Station, or stream any audio from Live Events such as Masjids, Lectures, Events, Classes or just about anything!

Can I use your streaming service to transmit from my Masjid Transmitter?
Yes you can, infact a lot of our clients use our streaming service to transmit live feed from their Masjid such as 5 Daily prayers, Adhan, talks and lectures! As long as you have a PC with Internet located at the Masjid or any other location you can transmit your feed to the internet and anyone around the world can listen to!

Can I listen through my mobile?
Yes you can, been tested with Ipod, Iphone, Blackberry, Nokia and many other mobile phones as long as you have Internet Access either via WIFI or GPRS! You can even listen to it in the car through your mobile!

Can you provide me with Code to place on my website?
Yes we can, once you have signed up with us contact us and we can sort this out for you

Could I listen to it on a normal radio?
Yes as long as you have a radio that is capable of receiving internet it will work well

How can i start my own radio station?
You can do this too, as long as you have a PC with Internet, load up the Winamp Software and DSP Plugin, create your playlist enter the details we give you to setup and start streaming straight away.

What Software do I need?
Winamp Software and the DSP Plugin – full information on how to setup is here

Have you got any examples?
Yes http://www.ummahradio.com is an online Radio Station which we stream and also check out http://www.masjidlive.com/

Do you have Auto DJ Facilities
Yes we do, you can leave your radio station streaming 24/7 from a playlist where you can control using a control panel. Upload material and set the playlist from the control panel and you can have a 24/7 running radio station

What can i upload in the storage space? 
mP3 or .Wav file however they need to be same sample rate as your are broadcasting on, you cannot upload any copyright mp3 or lectures or music.

What Stream can i broadcast on?
You can broadcast upto 80kbps however we recommend you go for either 24 / 32kps as we have found that people especially using GPRS to access the stream can experience issues, the lower the better, but if its a few people you can go higher for better quality

Could I trial it?
Yes you can contact us we can give you a 7 Day free trial to try before you buy

Can you pop down our venue and set it up for us?
Yes we can do that if need be (UK Only) but with additional cost or we normally remote on to your PC and configure and set it up all for you, but it is very straight forward and easy! Contact us for more information