Who We Are

MPADC.com Stands for Muslims Programmers and Designers Community (Pronounced few ways perhaps – "M.P.A.D.C" or "EmPadC")- Such a long name you may think! Perhaps it is.

We have been around since 2003 first starting off as a discussion forum whose aims were to create a platform and forum for Muslim Designers, programmers and Webmasters to discuss ideas in an open forum so thus this is where the name came from!

Our History

Back then as there were many big communities out on the Internet what we found missing was a "Muslim Community" where "techies" or "geeks" (If you want to call it that) would unite into one community.
After the forum got bigger we decided to move into webhosting – a few of us were involved back then! So we started off as a reseller, then moved on to VPS then Dedicated servers! So from one step to another.
We have now been hosting Websites since 2005 since we started and hosted over 1000 domains since then and contiually growing alhumdulillah!

We host all sorts. We do more then Hosting, and we still continue with our main feature Web hosting but now we also decided to keep ourselves busy and venture into other areas such as Web Services – which includes things like web and application development and Media Streaming!

Have a browse through our Website and see if there is anything we can interest you in..or just contact us below just to say "Salam" or "Hello" we like to hear from you!
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Job Opportunities

We Currently have the following Openings

  • iOS Developers

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